Vicnoraball, also known as Kingdom of Vicnora and Second Vicnoran Kingdomball is a bootleg Japanball with the monarchy who disobeys the constitutional monarchy concept LIKE A BOSS countryball located in Pacific Ocean near North America. He is the member of UEKNball and NATOball.


Vicnora lived in his own monarchy for less than 1,500 years until Vlokozu Unionball took his clay, at one point at its collapse, it left traces of the constitutional monarchy concept on his clay, resulting in him automatically granted membership of Commonwealthball.

In 2018, Vicnoraball restored its original monarchy and became the first UEKNball member to be redrawn from Commonwealthball (resulting in Brunei-icon Bruneiball calling him lazy since he is of having monarchy but is in Commonwealthball). Now he wants to come back to the Commonwealthball after he fed up with being called "lazy" by Commonwealth balls with their own monarchs.



  • Sentan-icon Sentanball - He is imperialist while I'm socialist, but not only we're monarchs but we're also brothers, along with the El Kadsres and Mahriball! Though your prime minister is more like an dictator, but he can into religious freedom, which means he can try out my religion! Oshiro and Hazakte can into friends.
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - A Muslim friend. I wonder why so many of his people live on my clay?
  • Pansaura-icon Pansauratangle - He shares the Pansauran language with me. Although you should unban gay marriage.