Malodinball is the capital and largest cityball of YinYangia. He is of havings the most businessmen in the world. He is of very rich and home to tallest building in the world, City Tower YinYangia. He is of called "Los Angeles of YinYangia", since he also of makings lots of movies.

In YinYangiese, Malodin is just called, well you know, Malodin...


Malodin was born as 1ball after colonized by the Chinese. Malodin was of establishings in 1855 by the Qing Dynasty. It was of the cleanest cities of the dynasty. But in 1879, a tsunami destroyed the city, and Malodinballs were of unhappy about it. It was soon of reconstructed in 1900. In 1912, it was of bought by Republic of China but due civil war in mainland China, some people called Toralaqs establishings Toralaqball to get rid of civil war. But Malodinball wasn't capital of Toralaqball, but Feederetball was.

Adding more history soon.